Pro-Life? Really?

Abortion is one of the most frequently performed medical procedures in the United States each year.  Just the mention of the word “abortion” can stir up strong emotions and even stronger opinions. When it comes to the subject of abortion, people typically fall into one of two camps; Pro-Choice or Pro-Life.

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Generally, those who profess to be Christians would also consider themselves to be Pro-Life.  Some are quite passionate about their Pro-Life stance, and rightly so. They would, and do, sign petitions, march in parades, form picket lines and vote in elections accordingly.

“Pro-Lifers” make strong arguments about one person’s choice or convenience not depriving another person from the opportunity of being born.  They would argue adamantly that what is easiest or most comfortable for one person should never be allowed to prevent someone else from living! When it comes to someone’s LIFE, forget your choice!  Who cares about your choice when someone else’s life is on the line!?!?

While a majority of Christians are Pro-Life on the issue of abortion, spiritually, most are staunchly Pro-Choice.

As insistent as most Christians are about the virtues of being Pro-Life, in reality, most are very much pro-convenience, pro-comfort, pro-choice.

Sharing the Gospel could be uncomfortable. Telling someone about the incredible sacrifice that was made for them could be inconvenient, or even feel a bit awkward. Far too many believers choose not to risk that potential discomfort, and in doing so rob someone else of the opportunity of being born into the Kingdom of God.  When it comes to obeying the Great Commission, they prefer their right to choose not to.

Share the Good News with a co-worker, or don’t. It’s really up to you.  Tell your neighbor about Jesus, or keep putting it off. The choice is yours, isn’t it?

As disgusting and selfish as the Pro-Choice attitude is when it comes to robbing babies of life, it is even more revolting when people who have tasted the newness of life found only in Jesus Christ choose to deny others that same opportunity to experience new life.

Are you Pro-Life? Really?


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